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All above listed events are from the event preview of the Munich Touristinformation - it could be that there are changings after the printing, these changings you will read in the local newspapers or get the information from your accommodation information desk.


I will monthly update this preview, known changes will be updated just in one or two days.

june 2003

20. June - 04. July

Tollwood Sommerfestival - big event with tents and a lot of entertainment on the Olympic Area

23. -26. June

LASER 2003 WORLD OF PHOTONICS Intern. Fair - Neue Messe München

24. - 26. June

FIBERCOMM Intern. Fair for optical Informations- u Communikationstechnology - Neue Messe München

25. - 27. June

15th World Congress of the International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine (ISLSM) im ICM

If you can include one more day for a trip to the dreamcastle Neuschwanstein - you will never forget this trip

july 2003

06. July

25. Munich Townrun

11. - 13. July

Christopher Street Day

20. July

Kocherball in the English Garden, 6 a.m. near the Chinese Tower - if raining then on 27. July - that's an old fashion going back to the former employants in kitchens and houses - very funny

Dear visitor, that is only a short cut of a lot of events in Munich. I have listed these ones, I thought, you might be interested in. If you would have other interests or questions, feel free to contact me mailto:info@airport-shuttle-munich.com or joerglohfink@vr-web.de

Music lovers can find a lot of more events, but the most in German only, on our German site, go here please. If you know group or artist, you will understand.

Also we offer on the German site a yearly preview of exhibitions and other events. Two month in advance we translate them to your site and you will find it here too.

I am normally only a driving service, but service includes other things too, I believe

Come as a stranger, feel like a guest, leave Munich as a friend.


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